Backup management command.


athena-backup [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Option Description
-h, –help Show built-in help documentation.
-l, –limit Comma separated list of host groups to use in this run.
-v, –verbose Enable verbose output.



Create service backups.

athena-backup create [OPTIONS] <tags>
Option Description
-a, –all Create backups for all services.
–note Backup note.
–skip-db Skip creation of database backups.


List service backups.

athena-backup list [OPTIONS] <tags>
Option Description
-a, –all List backups for all services.
–containers-only List only container backups.
-d, –date List backups matching date.
–dbs-only List only databases backups
–name Match container / db name.
–note Match notes containing text.
  • <tags> - Comma separated list of service tags.


Create backups.

athena-backup purge [OPTIONS] <tags>
Option Description
-a, –all Purge all outdated backups.
-d, –date Purge backups matching date
  • <tags> - Comma separated list of service tags.


Refresh consul backup metadata.

athena-backup refresh


Restore services from backups.

athena-backup [OPTIONS] restore [ARGS] <tags>
Option Description
-a, –all Restore all services.
-d, –date Restore from backup date.
–skip-db Skip creation of database backups.
  • <tags> - Comma separated list of service tags.


To add additional backup management operations edit backup.yml in environment playbook directory.


To backup freeipa service:

athena-backup create freeipa

To backup all services:

athena-backup create --all 

To backup only containers of ‘freeipa’ and ‘redmine’ with a note (‘Test Backup’):

athena-backup create --note "Test Backup" --skip-db freeipa,redmine

To backup Athena images to current environment registry:

athena-backup create images

To list backups for all services:

athena-backup list --all

To list backups for ‘freeipa’ on a given date (‘2017-09-06’):

athena-backup list -d 2017-09-06 freeipa

To purge all outdated backups:

athena-backup purge --all

To purge a specific ‘freeipa’ backups with given date id (‘2017-08-23-07-33-24’):

athena-backup purge -d 2017-08-23-07-33-24 freeipa

To refresh Consul backup metadata:

athena-backup refresh

To restore latest ‘freeipa’ backup:

athena-backup restore freeipa

To restore all services to their latest backups:

athena-backup restore --all

To restore a specific (timestamped 2017-09-04-11-04-12) ‘freeipa’ backup without the database:

athena-backup restore --skip-db -d "2017-09-04-11-04-12" freeipa