Command that upgrades Athena services.


athena-upgrade [OPTIONS] <service_names>
Option Description
–check / –no-check Check system health before upgrading.
-h, –help Show built-in help documentation.
-l, –limit Comma separated list of host groups to use in this run.
-o, –owner Owner of the environment.
-s, –skip Comma separated list of tags to skip.
–upgrade-common / –no-common Upgrade host operating system packages/components.
–upgrade-consul / –no-consul Upgrade consul cluster (will disable consul on all nodes and cause service outages).
–upgrade-platform / –no-platform Upgrade default platform core components (monitoring, dashboard, rundeck, etc).
-v, –verbose Enable verbose output.
  • <service_names> - Service names (e.g. freeipa).


To add additional upgrade management operations edit upgrade.yml in environment playbook directory.


To upgrade default services (loaded from upgrade role file):


To upgrade ‘freeipa’ service:

athena-upgrade freeipa

To upgrade ‘freeipa’ service without upgrades to common packages, Consul and core platform components:

athena-upgrade --no-common --no-consul --no-platform freeipa

To upgrade ‘consul’ only on ‘backofficea-073-test-dev’ node:

athena-upgrade --limit backofficea-073-test-dev consul